A1 Positive Recycling Provide An All-in-One Data Erasure On-Site Data Wiping in Devon.

A1 Positive Recycling Provide An All-in-One Data Erasure On-Site Data Wiping in Devon. from A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd

By: A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd  19/09/2009
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A1 Positive Recycling, our first operation, was established in March 1997 by Neil Wintrip in Exeter, Devon. We use acclaimed tools, such as Eurosoft's Test and Diagnostic Solutions which are widespread throughout the IT industry for all aspects of the IT life cycle. PC-Check is the hardware "testers" choice for DOS-style, core diagnostic software.
Hello my name is Neil, and I'm the original founder of A1 Positive Recycling Project that was known as PC's R US UK from 1997 to 2003 and then became a non-profit social enterprise in 2005 based in Exeter, Devon.

A1 use Eraser Disk offering in-house IT staff and third-party on-site disk wipe providers a convenient, portable data destruction solution with auditable reports. Eraser Disk data erasure solutions adhere to all major government and military erasure standards, while their ability to erase all data – even on hidden and remapped sectors – meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GLBA and other regulatory requirements. As the industry leader, A1 Positive’s expertise ensures smooth integration of automated data erasure, hardware asset management and report collection for any organization.

Q. What is the DoD standard you mention?
A. This is a manual for government contractors and suppliers, called . It is issued by the Department of Defense and contains security guidelines for companies doing business with the US Government. The EraserDisk Short Wipe routine meets the requirements in DoD 5220.22-M for cleaning a hard drive.

Format Fixed Disk - Writes a pattern of information, then formats the drive with a factory style low level format.

Short Security Wipe – Overwrites data twice with two different data patterns.

Long Security Wipe - Overwrites data six times using four different data patterns.

Long Security Wipe with Format - Overwrites data six times using four different data patterns, then performs a factory style low level format.

EXCEEDS SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE – With EraserDisk, once the information is gone, there’s no way somebody can get it back. The only method more safe would be to physically dismantle the drive and destroy the platters inside.

EraserDisk is an independent operating system and comes on a boot-able CD. For older systems that don’t have a boot-able CD-ROM drive, A1 can make a boot-able floppy disk from the Eraser-Disk CD. 4 DIFFERENT LEVELS OF ERASURE- Eraser-Disk wipes a drive at one of four selected levels: Eraserdisk is certified standard.

For more information on A1 Positive’s On-Site data erasure solutions, please Call: (01392) 20-27-79 or visit

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