Hardwood for 2011/2012 Ash and Beech

By: A and S Woodland Mgt  22/07/2011
Keywords: tree services, fuels, tree care


We are currently selling Ash Hardwood, felled last year in our woods on the Blackdown Hills. The wood was left to season in the woodland, and was collected and stored under cover from summer 2011 until supply. Beech will be available from January 2012, but currently moisture testing approximately 25%, and we will not sell wood at this level as it is not ready to burn.

The softwood is larch and cedar, and was felled in 2010, and seasoned, ready to burn.

Hardwood logs and softwood logs are suitable for woodburners and open fires. They will be supplied in optimum burn size, unless you specify log size at time of ordering.

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