TBC Private Practice. Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP

TBC Private Practice. Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP from TBC Private Practice

By: TBC Private Practice   05/01/2011
Keywords: Panic Attacks, sports performance


TBC Private Practice offer a range of treatments and very often use a combination of these to deal with your problem. We will use the most approriate treatment for you, discussing and informing you of what they entail on your inital visit with us. Please be assured that we will do our very best for you. 
Our key treatments are:
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Nuero- Linguististic Programming (NLP)
Personal Coaching
Consultations Your initial consultation for Hypnotherapy/NLP will last aproximately one  hour. In this time we will establish the best way forward in which to treat you.  We take a full case history which will include medical as well as personal questions, which of course are strictly confidential as we work in the strictest confidence and are bound by the strict code of conduct of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). Follow up consultations will be aproximately one hour in duration.  It is difficult to say how many sessions you will need, many people will require only one to three sessions, others a few more, or less, it all depends on you - as you are so unique it is impossible to tell until treatment begins.

Keywords: Panic Attacks, sports performance