Clinical Hypnotherapy

By: TBC Private Practice   09/09/2010
Keywords: stress, Panic Attacks, sports performance

What is Hypnotherapy?

Firstly you can rest assured that you will not be made to act like a headless chicken running arround! That’s stage hypnosis and totally different to clinical hypnotherapy, where you are in control at all times.  We can not make you do anything you do not want to, we have no power over you what so ever, many people do think that we have a magic wand but in truth we are only a facilitator in your recovery.  Basically it is all about changing habits which have formed in your mind.  Habits can be the most bizarre thing – you know you do whatever it is that you don’t want to do but it is seems so natural that you don’t think about it and do it regardless.  The good news is that those annoying bad habits can be broken, and new ones established in their place by us having a chat with your subconcous mind whilst you sit back and relax.  Your subconcious will only take good positive suggestions that we use for your benifit.   So what will you experience in the hypnotic trance state? Remember this morning when you were half awake and half asleep, enjoying all the comfortable feelings that go with being snuggled down in your bed? Well that's pretty much how it feels to be hypnotised. You're not asleep but you're not awake either. The hypnotic trance is rather like being in a daydream. It is something we all do at some point during the day. Many people experience a trance like state while driving a car - the journey is often made on "automatic pilot" , the mind being totally occupied by other matters. How many times do you "switch off" in the middle of a boring conversation or lecture, and daydream? Hypnotherapy is a brief strategic therapy - quick, safe and efficient at helping you to achieve your goals. It is not a long drawn out method of solving a problem. If left untreated, problems can sometimes create a ripple effect into other areas of your life, and what many people find is, on completion of effective hypnotherapy, other problems seem to melt away.

Keywords: Panic Attacks, sports performance, stress