By:  26/01/2011
Keywords: team building, management training, NLP

At Refocus we will help you understand the dynamics of a team by challenging you mentally, physically and emotionally. Our aim is to create fired up customers, cohesive teams, inspirational training and memorable experiences. We achieve this by providing our clients with theoretical knowledge and unforgettable interactive learning.
We deconstruct the dynamics of the group and develop an appreciation for the different skill sets available in a team. We look at the motivating factors for team leaders and team players and offer each candidate the opportunity to play out a different role in the team. We will develop your communication skills and give you an opportunity to find out how effective your communications really are. We create scenarios where you will learn to value the contributions made by each member of the team. Exceptional teams are made up of normal people with a single desire!
TEAM SPIRIT At Refocus we provide indoor and outdoor training to cater for individuals who want to participate-in and learn about team building exercises. You learn the theory and then exercise it with other members of a composite team during a fun packed day of activity, discovery and enlightenment. You will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses in warm and friendly surroundings as you start to grow in confidence.

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