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By: Refocus-Southwest.com  25/01/2011
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This 1 day course is designed so people can learn the basic skills required to be influential. It offers students an opportunity to explore five topics so you can positively influence any situation. The first area of study allows us to consider why we all live in our own unique model of the world. We then find out what behavioural flexibility means and learn how to use it beneficially. After a short break we discover why it is you feel more comfortable communicating with some people more than others. This theme continues as we become more inquisitive about the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication and its true meaning. Finally, we analyse the power of words and learn how to find a positive lever to effect change.
Occasionally, there might be times when you feel other people get from life what they want and maybe you consider why you don't get what you want. Perhaps you would like to have greater influence on things that matter to you. Is it possible that other people are influencing you too much. Maybe you have great ideas and want to learn how to present them to other people so you can influence an outcome. Influence is significant in our daily lives as we influence others or accept we are being influenced by them. So, if you want to place more influence on situations that are affecting your life you can. All you have to do is select this course and learn the art of positive influence. It can begin to change your life!
Understanding the world we live in. This lesson allows us to look at the reasons why we all see the world so differently. It provides an opportunity for us to consider how we perceive situations and recall ‘facts’ of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. Moreover, it provides us with sufficient information so we can understand where the start point of interpersonal communication and influence is. Behavioural Flexibility. This lesson is designed so we can learn how to access any situation fully resourced. It provides sufficient knowledge so that we can become competent and even realize which techniques are most suitable for eliciting information. In addition, we are able to fully comprehend the moment we begin to influence our desired outcome. Verbal Communication. This lesson informs us of the different language patterns in use in the private and business world today. Some of these language patterns are more effective than others depending on the situation and the context. So we explore these avenues and begin to gain the knowledge of verbal influence. Nonverbal Communication. This lesson explores the presupposition that ' you cannot not communicate'. It provides us with an opportunity to examine all the nonverbal communication signals and learn their meaning. It furnishes us with more knowledge so we will be able to understand the language and thinking patterns of those we are communicating with. Moreover, it equips us with knowledge so we will be able to spot an untruth and deal with it accordingly.  Finding the Positive.  This lesson provides us with an opportunity to analyse verbal communication and learn how to identify any limiting beliefs. It also provides us with a toolkit that we can utilise and become competent in our ability to remove any limiting beliefs. Furthermore, during this lesson you will realize how you can influence and effect change swiftly and gain support in the process.

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