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 The Management & Leadership Training Package - in the Alps that we offer represents exceptionally good value for money. It's an incredible 7 day course packed full of outstanding benefits. On the course you will learn a wide range of management skills so that you can become a remarkable leader and manager. In a world class ski destination, high up in the French Alps you will receive 3 different trainings; management & leadership training, personal development training and alpine ski training. In addition to the training we will transport you by air from leading UK airports to France and then transfer you to our warm and cosy half-board catered chalets where you will be accommodated and fed. After 7 days we reverse the process. Moreover, we will provide you with a free snowsports package. The lift pass, skis/boards and boot hire are all gratis and that's not all. We will also provide a free ski guiding service so you can take your skiing to another level. Not surprisingly, people have commented that we offer the best management & leadership training package available today. But don't just take our word for it have a look below at some of the very short video clips. We made the clips in order to demonstrate the transformation and personal development that takes place in a very short space of time.

GENERAL   This course is designed to meet the needs of managers who want to learn how you can lead a team to be successful. It starts by allowing you to consider your own strengths and weaknesses and those of other team members as you learn how to build and motivate your team so that they will feel inspired to deliver even more. It explores different management styles so that you will be able to fully understand the benefits of each and when to apply them. It presents some great organisational strategies so that you will be able to organise efficiency and delegate effectively. It also brings to the forefront the importance of effective communication so that you will learn how to get exactly what you want from your communication and your team.

UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. This topic allows us to evaluate who we are and understand why other people can see the world so differently to us. We then analyse the needs of the individual and the needs of the marketplace so that we can find mutual support as we move forward and gain more knowledge about the factors that motivate all parties to excel. We also explore the relationship between our values and our beliefs and the part they have to play in our identity and find out how this identity can both hinder and benefit us. 
BECOME ORGANISED.   This topic presents us with a number of strategies to reduce stress and conflict in the workplace. We learn the importance of why we should clearly define areas of responsibility and recognise the contribution made by each team member in developing the whole. We obtain a greater understanding of when to delegate effectively. We can also gain greater efficiency by ordering a priority system for the workload as we become more effective at managing time. We learn how to develop performance and measure it by choosing the most appropriate system and management style.
COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY.   This topic shows that real benefits can be gained by simply ensuring our communications are always a two-way process. We learn how to listen to others and gain valuable information so that we will be able to take the best course of action. We evaluate different methods of communicating in order to get the right message to the right people on time. We discover many different language patterns and nonverbal communication gestures that can help us build better relationships and become more influential. We deliver techniques that enable you to fully understand the importance of communication because 'the meaning of the communication is the response you get.'
EVALUATE.    This process of evaluation gives us an opportunity to positively define the new benchmark. We learn how to measure performance. Then we focus on all the different types of evidence that we can use to make an evaluation. We take the negatives and learn how we can feed back the results to the team as positive progress. We look at the resources we have used and consider all financially viable alternatives. We delve into the benefits of control and outsourcing to find out how they might impact on us. We determine the amount of time used and consider the benefits of patterns processes and procedures.
PLAN FOR SUCCESS.   This topic allows us to establish the Plan and the new direction for the team. If it is to be successful the Plan must be communicated effectively to all members of the team. We must also consider all the instruments that make up an orchestra and ensure each sound created individually will harmonise with the others. We look at why we need to set short and long term goals. We then learn different strategies to measure ongoing performance. Responsibilities must be clearly defined to reduce potential conflict and inefficiencies.  We set deadlines and allow for small additions of time to be added because flexibility can bring greater rewards. 

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