By: Blue Sky Coaching   19/05/2009

 The credit crunch has certainly hit hard and I have several clients who have been dealt a severe blow but who are battling on through these difficult times with a heightened sense of their own worth and strengths, and who are finding that new opportunities and horizons always open up if you keep looking ahead with optimism and self-belief.    Many people are turning to personal coaching techniques to support them in handling the ongoing fallout from the credit crunch.  My work has taken me in unexpected directions and I am now applying coaching principles in new spheres and with new clients.  What I have learned from my recent experiences is that the ability to be flexible and to adapt to ever changing situations with a positive mental attitude is key.    We have all heard about transferable skills – being those skills that are learned within one occupation but can easily be applied in a completely different field.   As youngsters, we were advised to make our development of these skills a priority as they would stand us in good stead no matter what job role we found ourselves undertaking.  Skills such as basic literacy and numeracy, communication skills, information technology skills, team leading and managing skills are all portable between occupations and organisations.   While working for the Careers Service, I was taught that when applying for a new job it was essential to identify from the job specification what transferable skills I could apply to it and write the case for why I could quickly and easily adapt those skills to the new role.    These days what recruiters also require are people with transferable attitudes and behaviours.  Those who have an aptitude and willingness to apply themselves can readily learn new job specific skills and procedures once hired.  Where several candidates have the same set of transferable skills what lifts any candidate out of the pack is the ability to demonstrate they have the core attitudes and behaviours that employers crave.    These attitudes and behaviours form a “Universal Employee Specification for the Age of the Credit Crunch” and are likely to include the following, all of which can be developed through personal coaching: 
·               Willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy customers and colleagues
·               Eagerness to find or create the “win-win” experience in all personal and company transactions ·               Being flexible and adaptable to ever changing situations
·               A friendly and approachable disposition
·               Positivism and optimism in the future
·               Readiness and willingness to take the initiative when necessary
·               Self belief and resolve
·               Confidence in own ability to be creative
·               High levels of commitment and motivation
·               The willingness to see problems as opportunities and to relish solving them
·               Eagerness to look for the “heart of the matter”
·               Being in touch with personal values and standards 

This employers “wish list” is not exhaustive, but these attitudes and behaviours crop up time and again within the person specification of many job roles.     What’s more, these core attitudes and behaviours can do far more for us than get us the jobs of our dreams, they are attitudes and behaviours that once developed are transferable into all aspects of our lives whatever the circumstances.

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