Ball Joint for the Item MB System.

Ball Joint for the Item MB System. from Machine Building Systems Ltd.

By: Machine Building Systems Ltd.  15/01/2010
Keywords: workstation, Jigs and Fixtures, aluminium frame

Item has introduced a new ball joint designed to interconnect Line-8 profiles at any chosen angle. The units may be fitted onto the end, or to the side flank of any Item profile with an 8mm slot. They will secure against a 2 Nm moment, and thus provide a means of securing light weight equipment requiring infinite angular adjustment to any frame. One option is provided with a clamping handle and thus is ideal for mounting monitor screens, cameras, and lights, or anything requiring frequent adjustment, to a frame.

Alternatively the simple screw-secured version might be used where adjustment is required less frequently. A typical example of this would be mounting a ball joint on both ends of a strut to provide easy fixed bracing to any frame. This is possible even where the frame members themselves run at irregular angles and in different planes to each other.

Both ball and the two socket-body halves are made of die-cast aluminium. Tightening the clamping screw has the effect of heavily spring-loading the ball and socket joint. One notable feature is that the clamping force can be adjusted such that it is possible to adjust the position of the joint by applying a little manual effort without having an impact on the ability of the system to resist further movement.

Keywords: aluminium frame, Aluminium Frameworks, Aluminium Profile Systems, item, Jigs and Fixtures, Machine Builders, machine building, Machine Building Systems, machine frames, workstation

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