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By: Joanna Lynne Therapies  09/09/2010
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Often people will ask me “what is Reiki?” They have heard of it, but are not quite sure what it is or how it works. Let me try and describe to you the way I feel about it.
For me, Reiki is a wonderful love, light & life force energy that is universal. It is of a high vibration therefore, it is (but not limited to) light, healing, love, peace, purity and harmony. It is the opposite of low vibration energy, which is fear, anger, hatred, guilt, pain, depression etc.
Through visualisation and intent this energy can be channelled to humans, animals, plants, situations etc and can be amazingly healing. It heals, balances and restores all of the above back into harmony. It can bring about optimum health and harmony to people, places and various situations which the energy is directed to.

A Professional Reiki Healer will usually have undergone two attunement ceremonies which open up the channelling pathways and allow the healer to channel the energy to the person. They become a facilitator for it. The energy does not come from the person, it comes through them.

Anybody who is drawn to Reiki may find that it is a beneficial healing system for them. It can help physical and emotional imbalances. The number of different ailments that Reiki can have an impact on is endless. However, Reiki does not always work for everybody. Sometimes it is just not the right time for change or healing.

If you feel drawn towards Reiki, then it may be that it is right for you. You may just want to try one session or you may feel drawn toward regular sessions. You will know and see for yourself whether or not it helps you. Pets are also often very responsive to Reiki.
An adult Reiki session costs £27 and usually last around an hour. For children and pets treatment time is reduced significantly and an appropriate fee can be discussed.

Keywords: healing, holistic, reiki, therapy

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