Solar Thermal (On-Roof system and In-Roof flat plate system)

By: GreenTEC Solar  21/07/2010
Keywords: solar panel, solar hot water, Solar systems


Even in the worst weather conditions: The SK 500 roof-mounted collector from GreenTEC Solar impresses thanks to its versatility - both on and next to roofs. Whether on (flat) roofs, in the garden or as part of a large scale project - its versatile application for all roofs and locations is the main advantage. The copper full surface absorber with selective vacuum coating, the high quality insulation, edge insulation and the beautifully designed and hard wearing aluminium tray combined to make the SK500 one of the best solar collectors in its class.


  • Beautifully designed 2.5 m2 units, suitable for all types of assembly
  • High hot water temperatures in a short space of time via highly selective vacuum absorbing layer
  • Hail-proof solar glass
  • Long life span due to weather-resistant materials
  • Structured copper absorber, with selective coating
  • Beautifully designed, deep-drawn aluminium tray
  • Side wall insulation
  • High quality back wall insulation from strong, unrottable rock wool
  • Easy assembly conical face union
  • Available with four connections for large scale projects on request (SK500N4)


Sits, fits in and has plenty of room: The IDMK solar roof-mounted module collector from GreenTEC Solar suits all types of roofs - including yours. The IDMK roof-mounted module collector. This is primarily an advantage if crane assembly is not feasible. The possibility of combining the solar collector both next to, as well as above each other, means that we have the ideal solution for every roof.

Quick and easy self-assembly
Easily transportable module
Ideal integration into all types of roofs
Optimum price/performance relationship
Fully flat, selectively coated and structured copper absorber
Connection suitable for screw and weld assembly

Keywords: Alternative Power, heating panels, Solar Heating Panels, solar hot water, solar panel, solar roof, Solar systems