Photovoltaic Energy Panels (Solar PV)

By: GreenTEC Solar  21/07/2010
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What is Solar PV
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) uses energy from the sun to generate electricity to run most electrical appliances and lighting for your home and commercial developments. PV only requires day light not the sun.

How Solar PV Works

The Solar PV panels convert solar radiation into DC electricity, the greater the intensity of the light the more electricity is produced and can be stored. This DC electricity is converted to standard AC electricity, by a unit called an ‘inverter’. This is then connected to the mains supply fuse box, which distributes the electricity to lights and appliances in your home or premises. If any at particular time you are producing more electricity than you are using, the excess can be exported to the National Grid via an import-export meter.

The average system could cut your carbon emissions by 1.2 tonnes per year. The efficiency of a PV panel is guaranteed for 30-35 years. The best position for a panel is facing South on roof, but they still work very well on roofs which face East or West however their efficiency is reduced. If your house or premises doesn’t have a roof within this aspect, you can still have panels fitted. There are plenty of other ways we can help you cut your electricity usage, regardless of which way your house is facing, contact us for more information.

Solar PV Benefits: Feed-in tariffs have been set at generous maximum of  41.6p per Kwh in April 2010.

Keywords: pv systems, Solar PV, Solar systems