By: Derby Flute And Recorder  19/02/2011
Keywords: Music Teacher

I was so fortunate in finding a flute teacher like Verity.  I came to her as a mature student who expressed, alongside the desire to learn the flute in the conventional way, a wish also to study the penny whistle and Celtic music.  To that end, Verity has adapted her lessons for me and has actively shared with me her vast knowledge of both flute and whistle music.

My lessons with Verity so far have been fabulous, and I very much look forward to each one.  This is because at the start, and throughout the lessons, Verity is always warm, friendly and welcoming.  She also intuitively understands at what level and pace you need to learn at, and although firm in the standards she expects from you, she is always kind and encouraging.

After just a few months of lessons with Verity, my flute playing had improved beyond what I thought possible and continues to improve with each lesson.  I cannot recommend enough Verity‚Äôs teaching ability, and her own ability on the flute. 



Dear Verity

Year 2 really enjoyed the tin whistle.  Thank you for coming to our arts week.


Year 2, Mickleover Primary School

Keywords: Music Teacher