Metamorphic Technique

By: Dancing Dragonfly - Transformational Healing  14/07/2011
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The Metamorphic Technique is simple, profound and unique. It is not a therapy or a treatment. The by-products of the technique are self-empowerment and transformation. We see transformation happening everywhere, from the acorn transforming into the oak tree to the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. As human beings we have huge amounts of potential within us to transform, but sometimes we feel stuck in repetitive patterns.

"The power of life that keeps a person as they are, (is the same power that) can move them
from feelings of limitation towards accessing more of their potential." - Gaston St Pierre


The Metamorphic Technique practitioner creates an environment where the recipient's life force is free to express more of its true potential. It is this environment that is central to the Metamorphic Technique and it is created by the practitioner practising detachment. This means the practitioner does not judge the person or try to direct the outcome of the session, thus the recipient can 'just be.' This environment provides ideal conditions to transform the energy that created and held old patterns in place, so patterns that no longer serve a purpose can naturally shift. The individual's life force uses the released energy to bring about whatever is needed by that person at that time. Thus a session can be a catalyst for transformation, and any changes that occur originate entirely from within the recipient.

During a session, the practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head. The Metamorphic Technique is gentle, non-invasive, safe and can be used by everyone. Medical history, details and analysis of the past are not required. Some people are drawn to the technique during difficult times or simply because it just feels right. It has been used in schools, with children with learning difficulties, in prisons, hospitals and hospices and some of the reported experiences following a session include:

improvements in various aspects of health

increased energy and confidence

able to deal with stress better

increased sense of inner peace and strength

able to go with the flow of life more

increased sense of purpose and feeling more at one with life

clarity in decision making or new start- a change of job/career/home/hobby

coping with difficult times

self acceptance

a sense of being at home to within oneself


Try the Metamorphic Technique, your life can transform.

Keywords: holistc, Metamorphic Technique, personal development, transformational,

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