Geopathic Stress Assessment

By: Dancing Dragonfly - Transformational Healing  14/07/2011
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Geopathic Stress is a disturbance of the earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic energy lines. This distorted energy occurs through natural phenomena such as underground streams, certain rock formations, mineral concentrations, fault lines or when the energy lines intersect. Earthquakes and tremors can affect geopathic stress. The land beneath a building affects that building and the inhabitants. Lines of geopathic stress are of particular concern if they run through places we spend a lot of time such as our bedrooms. If the lines cross where we sleep, the body has to use all its energy just to combat the effects of the geopathic stress instead of being able to rest, restore and repair.  Most people are unaffected by exposure to geopathic stress but for some, the long-term effect is quite significant and can seriously affect health.


If you are at all concerned that your home is geopathically stressed, then I would strongly recommend you get your property assessed. I offer a geopathic stress assessment for your home and the affect on your vitality, (this is done remotely using dowsing and you will need to provide a rough plan of each floor of your house and a hair sample.) Depending on the severity of geopathic stress, corrective measures may be as simple as moving a piece of furniture, such as a bed or chair, out of the geopathic stress line. However, for greater or complete protection against geopathic stress and electromagnectic radiation for you and your entire home, the use of various vortex cards may be more appropriate. If you are concerned about other negative energies in your home, you may wish to get a full home alignment balance from a Life Alignment practitioner.

Keywords: geopathic stress;, healing, holistc,

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