Pattern making and Composite engineers

By: Mould Ability Ltd  13/11/2008
Keywords: project management, promotional items, flat roofing

Design Our in house design and CAD modelling team can provide model generation, design modification in 3D, 2D drafting and extrapolation with output from all major CAD and modelling software. With reverse engineering we can translate an existing physical object, no matter how complex a form, into full 3D CAD-ready files using digital surface scanning and Faro arm measurement to create the file for your next generation model, or a precise clone of your prototype. Pattern Making, Joinery and Solid Surfaces (Traditional & CNC) From pumps to valves, earth movers to rally cars, cabinets to caseworks, facades to setworks and thermal formng to complex cladding, in our expanded pattern, joinery and soilid surfaces workshop there is little we cannot create. The utilisation of CNC milling allows improved quality through precision manufacture, whilst allowing fast & efficient tooling production to keep you ahead of the competition. CNC allows you the cutting edge in way of realising your new products sooner and shortening the time it takes to get your product to market while boosting confidence in its accuracy. Additionally there really are no limits to size other than the practical logistics of transportation. CNC allows flexibility to provide custom solutions to any problem, and allows a return on your investment sooner! GRP Hand Laid Glass Reinforced Polyester (also known as GRP and FRP) is still one of the most cost effective methods of manufacturing your composite or glassfibre mouldings, especially where low to medium volume and long term production are applicable. It has been the preferred method of production for many of our customers and we’ve been producing products in this way since inception nearly 10 years ago. This method is generally limited to the manufacture of parts with relatively simple shapes that require only one face to have a smooth appearance (the other face being rough from the moulding operation). Mould Ability however are specialists in double finished surfaces and split mouldings so if your part has several split sections for mould release necessity or is a complex form and shape we can offer our many years of experience, knowledge and practical approach to produce your product utilising this cost effective production method. RTM (light) Mould Ability has invested and operate a dedicated RTM Light (Resin Transfer Moulding using Lightweight tooling) department. RTML offers many advantages over similar composite processes such as improved consistency, matched A and B surface finishes, tight control of finished dimensions, and rapid part production rates from a single mould -multiple parts can be produced from a one tool in a single cycle.

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