Bidwell Henderson launch handy client information and instruction sheets

Bidwell Henderson launch handy client information and instruction sheets from Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants Ltd

By: Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants Ltd  22/07/2014
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Bidwell Henderson launch handy client information and instruction sheets Please view our Blog on our website for easy access to our handy sheets Bidwell Henderson's Courier Instruction Sheet Please feel free to use our handy Free Courier Instruction Sheet attached to this blog post. We provide a free courier collection for solicitors based anywhere in the UK. Courier collection is subject to collection of a minimum of 3 files at any one time. Please also note that you can email files to us. If you have Legal Aid Standard Fixed Fee files, in particular, where you consider the fixed fee thresholds will not be exceeded, please use our handy Standard Fixed Fee Instruction Sheet below and feel free to send the required documents by email. We charge on an hourly rate basis for completing fixed fee CLAIM1A forms and accordingly a substantial saving of fees can be made by utilising this service. Costing Legal Aid Fixed Fee Cases where profit costs are known We provide an additional service to clients when profit costs are known (e.g. reasonably accurate time ledgers are available) or you provide confirmation the case has not escaped the Standard Fixed Fee threshold. Where this is the case, you can email us documents required rather than sending your full file of papers out to us. We then complete the CLAIM1A on your behalf but our charges will be less, sometimes considerably less, on account of the fact that we will not need to cost the correspondence file/s. We think this is a very useful service for Cost Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers to provide. Solicitors firms who deal with Legal Aid work will be aware that any savings that can be made are valuable and go a long way towards maximising costs on these set fees. The guide is two sided, the first side provides an explanation of when the form is required and seeks some information from you and the second page provides a check box of documents to be emailed over to us. If this service is of interest to you and you do not currently instruct Bidwell Henderson please contact Rebecca Bidwell on 03333 441654 ext: 103 to discuss the likely reduction in cost drafting fees that this could generate. Instruction sheet for all other Legal Aid files (everything other than non exceptional Standard Fixed Fee cases) Please find below our instruction sheet for all other Legal Aid billing/costing. This guide provides advice and confirmation of what information and papers are required. As there are so many things to remember with Legal Aid work, we thought this might be one less thing to remember! You can always send a letter of instruction if you prefer, however some of our clients find it quicker to complete this form and place it on top of the file ready for collection with our free courier service. Alternatively the form can be emailed to us at [email protected] If you have a paperless case management system such as; Tikit TFB, Eclipse Legal - Proclaim, Legis please do get in contact with us as we have experience in this type of costing work and can offer a specialist reduced fee package.

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