chilled, temperature controll and frozen couriers

chilled, temperature controll and frozen couriers from Fresh Logistics Services Ltd

By: Fresh Logistics Services Ltd  13/11/2009

Temperature controlled distribution (Food, Pharma, & Medical)

Maintenance of temperature control is vital when transporting food, pharmaceutical and medical supplies.  The combination of stringent and sophisticated auditing and reporting systems and increasing biotechnological advances, the need for the protection of thermally unstable products is paramount. 

Successful distribution is a significant factor in avoiding temperature related problems such as denatured proteins and reduced shelf life, thus maintaining the quality of any sensitive products.  When Fresh Logistics Services Ltd talk about temperature control, we are also managing positive temperatures; for example we carry medical adhesives that must be maintained at +18°C.

Today's supply chain not only supports large regular shipment of products, but increasingly the market demands smaller more frequent deliveries to the end user, and with especially sensitive products the time from origin to destination can often be crucial to the quality of the product.  By using a dedicated vehicle for your shipment,Fresh Logistics Services Ltdtailors a service to your timescales, without balancing the requirements of several customers on one journey.  This service is regularly used for critical and commercial samples for Pharma, medical and food transfers.

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