A Great Book on Bolsover in Derbyshire

A Great Book on Bolsover in Derbyshire from Bolsover Now & Then

By: Bolsover Now & Then  28/11/2010
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Bolsover has demonstrated that ‘former mining town’ does not mean an end to all that is interesting, handsome of appearance and worthy of a second glance. The town starts with the distinct advantage of an impeccable pre mining legacy. Buildings which may be seen on William Senior’s town survey of 1634 contribute to the present day Market Place townscape. The street pattern of Cotton Street, Town End, Church Street, Middle Street and High Street was laid down by William Peveril in the Middle Ages. This makes Bolsover, along with Castleton, one of the earliest planned towns in Derbyshire. Three centuries later William Cavendish’s extravagant castle gave us a building unique in English country house architecture. Our mining period threw up the gem of New Bolsover, one of this country’s few examples of colliery model village developments. Over one hundred years after its conception, its unity and its situation, sheltering below the castle in a rural, relatively unspoilt setting can still make you stand and stare in admiration.

In the past twenty five years I have written many books and guides to town and colliery but one project remained outstanding. This was to chronicle the changes of the past fifty years and show to outsiders and to remind ourselves what a gem of a place we have to be proud of.

I hope you will agree as you scan this book that, in Bolsover, we have much to be proud of. We are all guilty of taking for granted where we live. Sometimes we need to look afresh at what we have. Talk the place up to each other and to outsiders. I trust what you see here will help you believe the place is worth it.



Bernard Haigh



Keywords: Bernard Haigh, Book on Bolsover, History of Town, old photographs,