Kanken Rucksack by Fjallraven at The Sporting Lodge on-line

Kanken Rucksack by Fjallraven at The Sporting Lodge on-line from The Sporting Lodge

By: The Sporting Lodge  19/03/2009

The largest range of Kanken rucksacks in the UK.  The Sporting Lodge, a hunting, shooting and outdoors shop based in the English Lake District now stocks a wide range of Kanken backpacks and this Cumbria firm is finding customers are interested worldwide.

John Wrigglesworth, director, said "It has taken us by surprise.  I have always had a Kanken but there seems to be particular interest in the US, Far East and across Europe.  We even have Swedish customers although the bags are made in Sweden.  They are a fabulous bag - rugged, tough yet are very light and now, very colourful.  We stock a wide range of colours and all our Kankens are in stock which means we get them out to the customer immediately."

The backpack that has been sold to over 3 million customers since its release in 1978 is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. Kånken is an unchanged classic, and the only things that have changed are the colours and the addition of a number of models to the line. The big release for the autumn is a Kånken with a specially constructed pocket for your computer – Laptop Kånken.

Kånken was developed at the end of the 1970s by Fjallraven, the Swedish outdoor clothing company with a royal warrant, to save the backs of children and youth; at that time the shoulder bag was popular and 80 percent of the Swedish population reported that they occasionally suffered from back pain.

In 2002, the extremely popular sequel, Kånken Mini, was released and with a volume of only 7 litres targeted small children. We have now got the Kanken and the Kanken mini and if customers are interested in the laptop bag, please tell us!

Kånken is made from an extremely durable vinylon fabric, Vinylon F, that is suited to everything from rough children’s play to tough climate conditions. Vinylon F swells like natural fibres, which makes it naturally waterproof and does not require additional treatment. Vinylon F is unbeatable in its combination of durability and low weight. Kånken has a long zipper that opens the entire main compartment, two side pockets and a front pocket.

Thirty years old and still going strong............
For more information visit www.thesportinglodge.co.uk or call John or Lindsay at The Sporting Lodge on +44 (0)15395 63594