Paramo Directional Clothing

Paramo Directional Clothing from Lake District Outdoor

By: Lake District Outdoor  03/03/2009

Paramo Directional Clothing Systems The difference between Páramo Directional waterproofs and conventional breathable waterproofs lies in the 'Directional' function. The fabrics we use do not merely hold water back (waterproof) or passively pass moisture vapour (breathe), but actively 'Direct' liquid water into the right spot. What makes Páramo different? Soft, but very strong fabrics Páramo Directional Waterproofs are much softer than coated or membrane based garments, and yet they are just as strong! Warmth Being warm as well as dry means you can leave behind some of your insulation layers. Adjustable ventilation provides comfort in warm as well as cool conditions. Quiet fabrics The rustle and crunch of coated or membrane fabrics is a thing of the past with Páramo. Páramo Directional Waterproofs are made using tough and flexible fabrics. Keeps on working! You could fill a Directional Waterproof garment with pins, take them out, wear the garment in the rain and still stay dry! Puncture of the outer or inner fabric will not lead to leakage. Renewability The performance of Páramo Directional Waterproofs can be indefinitely renewed by caring for them with Nikwax products. Conventional membranes on the other hand, can eventually fracture and crack and then cannot be repaired. Keeping you dry in high humidity conditions Both conventional waterproofs and Soft Shell fail in conditions of high humidity. Páramo continues to pump water away from you whatever the humidity. Rapid recovery Páramo's ability to recover rapidly means that even when static it pumps the liquid out. Fabric structures and water-repellency means it carries on working, even with the body cooling.