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By: Treesandplants  07/12/2013

Fruit trees are usually grafted on rootstock, some on dwarf rootstock and some on vigorous rootstock depending on the strength and size of the tree. And there is nothing nicer than picking jewel-like soft fruit from your own bushes. The choice of growing your own fruit plant is quite straightforward because it is fairly economical but there are many other considerations that must be taken into account.

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Fruit Bushes for Sale uk

Blackberries are more productive and better behaved than their wild relatives, and can be trained in a variety of ways – they will ramble over arches and pergolas, or up a trellis or wall. If you are short on space there are compact, thornless types of blackberry that will grow perfectly well in containers.

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Fruit Trees for Sale UK

Fruit Trees for Sale - Buy Your Fruit Tree Online at Low Cost.

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fruit bushes for sale

We grow and care for our plants using practices that are people, animal and environmentally friendly and safe. We are

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Treeby's which is the best nursery source for large, high quality bare root fruit trees, nursery stock, and fruit tree