Cat Sitting, Dog Walking and Small Animal care.

Cat Sitting, Dog Walking and Small Animal care. from Cuddles Pet Services

By: Cuddles Pet Services  10/11/2010
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 Cat Sitting

Cats are very individual and territorial animals so this service allows your cat to stay within its own natural environment preventing undue stress that is normally experienced from being put into a cattery. We will play with your cats favourite toys, make sure they get plenty of mental stimulation and cuddles.
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Fish, Birds and Reptiles and any other small animals.
Providing small animals with fresh food, water and making sure they are given plenty of attention.  

Dog Walking/Visiting
Dogs are very social animals and build a strong bond with their owners so they find it difficult to be left alone for long periods of time. So our Dog Walking Services within Aylesbury provides your dog with plenty of exercise and we play with their favourite toys and give them lots of Cuddles and mental stimulation. This is a positive service for both the dogs and the owners as it helps ensure your dog is well exercised so can rest easily untill you return helping prevent anxiety.
Claw Clipping

We understand that some pets find this an unpleasant experience so am happy to come on several occassions prior to doing a full claw clip to get your pet used to the sounds of the clippers and being re-strained as I want to make it as pleasant as possible so plenty of treats to be given.
Animal Reiki
Reiki is very effective at reducing stress and induces deep relaxation which helps promote healing, increased circulation and the release of endorphines the animals feel good painkillers. 
It is a very powerful tool at helping release past emotions from abuse or neglect that a animal may be holding inside which could be contributing to behavioural problems.                                         
Reiki is a safe and beneficial treatment that can be adapted to help any problem that may be effecting your pet.  Your pet will not have to be confined or restrained and the animal has control over how long and in which circumstances they receive their treatment.

Please contact us to discuss any of our services in more detail.

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