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By: MDS Solutions  21/04/2009
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The website builder tool is the brains behind our websites. Custom built by our own development team, some of the many features that the tool allows you do are:

  • Manage your site with over 40 different layouts (or make your own!)
  • Choose how your website looks with over 30 pre-defined styles (or make your own!)
  • Define consistent header, footer and custom sections for your site
  • Include custom CSS and Javascript to add any unique touches to your site
  • Create unlimited new pages
  • Upload your own images
  • Add a image gallery to show off your photos and images
  • Create a blog with RSS feeds to keep in touch with your visitors
  • Create forums for your site to interact with customers and users
  • Set up an E-Commerce shop complete with secure purchasing and order tracking system.
  • Create a ticket system built directly into your website to take queries from your customers.

We've built various different modules for the website builder to give you some amazing functionality for your website such as blogs, forums, shopping carts, image galleries and ticket systems. Below is a brief description of each module and information on how you can use it to enhance your website:

By using our module, you can create your own image galleries directly on your website. Anytime you upload a photo to Flickr, it will immediately appear on your website for your users to see. You'll even get links to the most popular tags that you give to your photos and your users will be able to browse and search your photos based on these tags. Simply sign up to Flickr, input your user credentials in our Website Builder and it will do the rest for you! if you'd like to see what your photos may look like on your website.

Our blog module will allow you to create online blogs where you can showcase any articles or thoughts you may have and your users can subscribe to receive these blogs via the built in RSS feeds that your site will automatically produce. This will provide you with a great way to keep your customers informed of any updates you have for them, and it also means you can instantly interact with them and get comments from them on what you have published.

If you'd like to create a web presence for your business and sell direct to your customers, our shop module will help you do exactly that. With the ability to add unlimited products and categories, you'll be able to sell directly to your customers via a secure paypal checkout (your customers don't even need paypal, they can pay directly via credit/debit card if they would prefer). Via the Website Builder, you'll be able to track all your orders including the customer details and even provide email updates to them on the status of their order. Here's one of our customers, AEL Systems Ltd, .

Using our forum module, you can create your own online community. Users can sign up to your forums and post questions or respond to any posts that you create which can be a fantastic way of keeping in touch with yours customers wants and needs. You can specify the categories and forum names for each section, allowing you to be as generic or detailed as you want as to what should be posted where. There are absolutely no limits on the forum, so you can have as many categories, forums, posts and users as you want!

The ticket module is a tremendous tool in providing transparent support to your customers. They can log any queries they have with you, be assigned a unique reference number relating to the query and are able to provide document uploads to help show any additional information they want. You can create as many departments and agents as you need to help provide support to the customer as well as track open queries, update their status and mark them as resolved when they are complete. The customer queries are completely searchable and management reports are also available to provide an overview of all your customers queries.

Twitter, a social networking tool, is fast developing into one of the most used forms of marketing. Some of the big companies (such as , and ) are starting to use Twitter to give quick and regular updates to their customers. Using our Twitter module, you can simply enter your Twitter id into our Website Builder and it will create a page dedicated to all of the updates that you provide to Twitter. You can advertise this page on your website, and point your customer at your Twitter account to get them receiving your latest news.

Remember, we're adding new modules all the time and as a platinum customer you'll get all new modules absolutely free! You can also use the section to provide ideas on any new modules you'd like as well.

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