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By: Shanti Angel Healing  08/03/2016
Keywords: Space clearing, Removing Negative Energy

SPACE CLEARING Energy Clearing for Homes & Businesses This is about bringing positive energy back into your environment whether it’s your home or business, being surrounded by positive energy makes you feel good while negative energy drags you down. When you walk into your home or business how does it feel to you, how do people react in your environment is it happy and peaceful or do people argue is it chaotic or is there harmony. Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace & calm while others make you feel sad, uneasy or anxious to leave. Did you notice some homes won’t sell while others fly off the market? Do you wonder why some businesses flounder while others flourish? Clearing your living or workspace of all chaotic, negative & stagnant energy will result not only in an immediate & noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also an increased sense of well-being & clarity for all of the inhabitants. Energetically everything that ever happens in a building gets recorded into the walls, floors, ceiling or any furniture that may be there. Slowly but surely any actions & behaviours especially emotions or trauma get deeply imprinted into the space. Space clearing works on a very deep level by changing & cleansing the energy in the home or building .It brings profound change into your environment, in many cases quite significant & life changing. Space clearing offers a simple and highly effective way to turn negative energy into positive energy. Space clearing techniques have their source in ancient techniques practiced throughout human history. The methods and tools might have changed over the years but the intent has been the same, to create harmony and balance. Because space clearing has the power to transform the energy of our homes and businesses it can play an important role in restoring balance and meaning into our lives. If you are experiencing any of the following then Space Clearing would help you: • Have you moved into a new house • Is the atmosphere in your home feeling heavy or uneasy? • Are you are the children waking up in the night. • If you have had someone suffer a major illness or a trauma has occurred in your home. • Are you trying to sell your house and nothing is happening. • If you are experiencing a lot of unpleasantness/ arguments. • Are your employees arguing not working as a team? • Is the business going through a difficult time clearing the space would help shift stagnant energy. • If there has been a divorce or failed relationship then space clearing would cleanse the home of negative energy. Before any space clearing takes place your environment needs to be cleaned and de cluttered for the space clearing to work effectively. So to ensure the best result I would recommend you clean and declutter the space you would like energetically cleansed. The amazing thing about space clearing is that even if you don’t realize a home or business has been cleared the people around you will definitely start to behave differently it works. It assists in increasing vitality and brings in healing energy. I offer a personal service, some people offer to do the clearing remotely I prefer to come to your location. I am based in the Ballynahinch area. I am prepared to travel to assist you in this instance there would be an additional charge depending on your location The cost for space clearing is as follows: My prices start at £75 for an average sized home £120 for a larger home or small business if you have larger premises I am happy to give you a quote based on your requirements. If you are interested in arranging an appointment please contact Linda 078 05736055

Keywords: Removing Negative Energy, Space clearing,

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