Antenatal, Labour & Postnatal care along with Breastfeeding help and advice

By: Deliverence  05/10/2011
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At Deliverence your treated like a queen from your first contact with me till the last.   offer a personal service that allows you to put your trust in me and leaves you with the knowledge tht your going to have a peaceful and empowered birth.  I offer antenatal care, If you wish I will attend the birth of your baby and help to have a positive birth experience and I never leave you, I then work with you Postnatally to help with any issues like Breastfeeding or tiredness.  Having a doula reduces the rick of sections, epidurals, and the need of pain relief.  It also decreases the risk of Postnatal Depression and increases prolonged Breastfeeding to name but a few. 


I will do both home and hospital births, water births and I also do birth preperation classes which allow you to understand better what is happening to your body and how the transition flows.  whether its your first pregnancy or your tenth the birth preparion classes help your understand everything clearer (you dont have to have me as your doula to attend a birth prep class).


I also have for loan to my clients -

Birthing pool

Breast Pumps

Tens Machines

Birthing Balls


My service is completely confidential and I NEVER discuss my clients with anyone but themselves. 

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