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Pet Grooming from Drumgooland Boarding Kennels & Grooming Parlour

By: Drumgooland Boarding Kennels & Grooming Parlour  28/01/2013
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Good grooming and bathing is the key to your pets looking good and feeling great. Animals have different skin and hair to people, and so require different grooming products to keep their coat and skin clean, healthy and looking great.At Drumgooland Grooming Parlour we can professionally groom and style your pets in our modern fully equipped workplace. We offer a one to one service for your pet in a relaxing setting which is an ideal environment for the nervous dog, the older dog or the young dog, with no distractions or noise to upset your pets.


What we offer


The quality and texture of a dog’s hair whether it’s long, silky, curly, smooth, or wiry will determine how much dirt it collects and how frequently the dog should be bathed. Your dog’s lifestyle and activities will also influence how often he/she gets dirty and needs to be bathed.

Brushing & Deshedding

Regular brushing of your pets hair is recommended especially with long haired dogs otherwise mats appear. Ignore the mats and they start to hold moisture and grime against your pet’s delicate skin which can result in a skin infection under the mat. Reduce shedding and remove loose hair and undercoat from your dog by having your dog deshedded regularly.

Clipping & Styling

Every breed has their own standard look, we can professionally clip and style your dog to your desired look.

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wired-haired or rough coated breeds by hand, rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new harsh wire coat to grow in.


IACC Diploma OCNNI Level 3 in Dog Grooming. Specialists qualified in First aid, CPR and Business Management for Pet Care

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Keywords: grooming, pet care

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