Thermal Surveys of Buildings

Thermal Surveys of Buildings from M&S Associates Design MMT

By: M&S Associates Design MMT  08/11/2010
Keywords: Chartered Surveyors, property consultants

Thermographic imaging specialist, offering preventative maintenance and diagnostic surveys with professional infrared thermal

is an important source of information for building monitoring and maintenance. It is possible to identify insulation deficiencies, retained moisture, pipe or flue blockages and so on, all from the temperature differences.

Not only does this help to identify hidden problems, such as dampness, but it also avoids access problems to overhead ducts or cables, as direct contact is not needed.

Weather conditions do have an effect on external building surveys, but we are happy to amend arrangements, in the event of unfavourable conditions.

is an important tool in carrying out preventative maintenance. Poor connections, friction, moisture , etc, all create variations in temperature. These temperature differences can be detected and pinpointed at a very early stage, well before failure occurs, by a thermal survey.

Armed with a list of identified issues, maintenance can then be scheduled for a convenient time, parts ordered, staff arranged and so on. Compare this to the potential issues caused by a connection burning out, a bearing seizing or mould growing, and it is easy to see that will frequently save far more than its original cost.

A key factor in using TS Thermal Survey as part of your preventative maintenance programme, is the benefit of our experience in analysing the images. This means that we can quickly eliminate reflections, environmental factors and a host of other confusing anomalies, saving time and money.

Keywords: Chartered Surveyors, property consultants

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