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Language services from Language Expert

By: Language Expert   22/10/2009
Keywords: translation, research, proofreading

 Language Expert specializes in the following languages: -

•    Russian to English (or vice versa)
•    Norwegian to English (or vice versa)
•    Swedish to English (or vice versa)
•    Danish to English (or vice versa)

Translation Services

Language Expert translates a wide range of documents on behalf of clients including: -

•    Contracts
•    Agreements
•    Patents
•    Tenders
•    Accounts
•    Financial Statements
•    Stock Market Reports
•    Surveys
•    Brochures
•    Leaflets
•    Flyers
•    Newsletters
•    Training Manuals
•    Postcards
•    Websites
•    Health and safety documents
•    Legislation
•    Public relations and advertising material
•    Research material and documents
•    Training Manuals
•    General Correspondence

Interpreting Services

Interpretations at Conferences, meetings, seminars, interviews, and presentations for individuals, businesses, schools, police service, government agencies etc.

All Interpreting can be done in person or over the phone.

Proof Reading

Proof reading services for a wide range of documents to help with spelling, grammar, structure and punctuation etc.


Transcription and translation of audio tapes, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, webcasts etc.

Research and Express Translation services

•    Locating key information in documents, websites, news articles, stock exchanges, financial reports, etc.
•    Summarising documents, news articles etc. in order to give a quick content overview.
•    Collating reports on corporate finance transactions, companies, market data etc.
•    Collating reports on financial, social, cultural, tourism topics etc.

Assisting with filling in Documents

Language expert can help Clients complete applications, documents, forms etc.

Keywords: interpreting, proofreading, research, transcription, translation