I grew a business from 0 clients to 600 in 5 months and all it took was a focus on the customers nee

I grew a business from 0 clients to 600 in 5 months and all it took was a focus on the customers nee from Exodus Digital Marketing

By: Exodus Digital Marketing  26/03/2015
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Hello Everyone, *You don't have to reinvent the wheel to be successful* I grew a business from 0 clients to 600 in 5 months and all it took was a focus on the customers needs. In fact, all it takes is giving your customer what they want. Simple right? When a customer visits your website they want to know one thing. *They want to know if you are a credible supplier and if they can trust you to complete a job in a satisfactory manner.* How do you do demonstrate that you are credible and can be trusted? 1) Understand their fears and objections and turn those into value statements! (USP's) For example, When a bust pipe happens in a home, research shows that plumbers are notoriously late, if they show up at all, and people fear plumbers won't show up on time. *Create A Value Statement With this Knowledge* For example, "You can relax knowing we offer fast response times to your plumbing problems" 2) Know what they want before you try sell to them To best achieve this, plan your site architecture and customer journey. Create choices that lead them to the exact service they want. Most companies just list their services and include a synopsis of what the service entails. Don't do this. Instead, create a journey for your visitor. Keeping with plumbing, let's say a person has a broken toilet. They search for a plumber and arrive at the website. Your goal is to find out what service they want and sell it to them right? The journey should start by creating a top level option and then drill down each level until you know what they want. Create categories for the customer to choose from. For example "new installations" or "repair jobs". Then break each category down to "kitchen area" or "bathroom area", then break down further "tap", "shower" or "toilet". When the customer arrives a the toilet landing page, you now know exactly what they want. Now it's time to * "sell emotions"* to their specific needs. 3) Use your new (USP) Statement values on the landing page along with testimonials At this point the customer feels you know what they want, they've come to the right place. Identify symptoms they are having from this specific problem and let them feel the pain so that you create a strong desire to take action within them. Create clear call to action and surround it with testimonials. "Click fear" is a know phenomenon that people have when they don't have enough information to click a button. Using social proof like testimonials around your call to action gives them the information they need to know they are making the right choice, because others have done it and were satisfied. *Additional Benefits to This Strategy* The more landing pages you have, then the more keyword rich search engine optimised content you have. This leads high rankings for long tail and local keyword phrases. I've tried to give you a short summary of how to go about growing your business by simply giving your customers what they want, I include diagrams, colour psychology and much more detailed evidence that you can use to grow your business in the link below. I hope it helps you.

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