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Guardian24 Lone Worker Personal Security Service from Guardian24 Lone Worker Personal Security

By: Guardian24 Lone Worker Personal Security  24/11/2010
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Guardian24 is a Lone Worker Personal Security service that can be used via a BlackBerry® Smartphone, Windows PDA, Mobile Phone or specialist Lone Worker Device.
It allows users to log their whereabouts, daily tasks, and any other important information. Should the users safety be compromised they can easily summon emergency help with the press of a panic button on their chosen device. The service can be used to protect staff when lone working, traveling to and from work, visiting clients in their homes and businesses and when working in isolation on remote sites.   This is often when staff are most vulnerable to attack, verbal abuse, accidents and robbery.

The Guardian24 service will allow users to log in and out of daily tasks, leaving details of their location and the expected duration.   If an activity over runs Guardian24 will automatically call the user to verify their safety. If the user cannot be reached a nominated respondent will be notified informing them of the overrun activity. At this stage an agreed protocol will be followed to verify the user’s safety and location.   Should the user feel that their safety has been compromised the user can press a dedicated hot key on a chosen device to summon emergency assistance. The service will record live audio and immediately notify a nominated respondent. Guardian24 provides the user’s personal details, activity details and live audio to the respondent receiving the escalated call. The respondent may then call the incident helpline and connect to a live feed through the user’s handset for further emergency audio.  This information is invaluable if you need to notify the emergency services.

Guardian24 is device and technology agnostic meaning customers are not tied into working with one device, manufacturer, Alarm Receiving Centre or technology.  These can all be ‘mixed and matched’ within a customer organisation to suit different job, risk and activity profiles.

Guardian24 works with the widest range of specialist devices including BlackBerry Smart phone, Windows PDA, mobile phone, Identicom, PaperIQ Digital Pen etc...

Keywords: Lone Worker Alarm, Lone Worker Safety, Lone Worker UK

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