Parenting Thro the Senses

Parenting Thro the Senses from MBB Connections Ltd - Therapy and Training Consultancy

By: MBB Connections Ltd - Therapy and Training Consultancy  25/02/2009
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 Parenting through the Senses is a fun course that first allows adults in the group to explore their own unique sensory likes and dislikes.  Parents and carers can become sensory detectives, learning to understand their children's behaviour and what their sensory needs are. The course helps parents become advocates for their family and child's needs and includes ideas and ways to provide these in the home.
Do you tap your fingers or doodle during a long meeting?
Do you find yourself longing for a walk across a beach after being indoors all day?
Does relaxing music soothe you or make you feel irritable?

Your reaction relates to how your body needs, takes in and processes sensory input.  Everyone has a unique set of sensory likes and dislikes and ways of responding to sensory input.  Some people hate tags in their clothes, the feel of socks, certain food textures, light touch, messy hands, they may hate climbing frames and feel sick on swings, riding a bike may be harder to learn than for their friends.  

Many hard to manage behaviours may be a result of problems taking in, understanding and responding to incoming sensory information - what we see, hear, feel small and how our body feels when we move.  Increasingly national and international research supports this view.   

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