Spirulina Algae

By: Home Cures  21/12/2010
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SPIRULINA - ORGANIC & 100% PURE  - 200 Tablets for the Price of 180!

Yes, it is powerful! The "power drinks" producers should look out - Spiruline is very effective.

Our Indian produced, naturally cultivated Organic freshwater Spirulina, almost certainly the most effective and the cheapest Organic Spiruline on the net, is cold pressed 100% Spirulina, with no additives or binders, just 500 mg of the fresh algae.

Now acknowledged as being excellent for all ages in rejuvenating, building, purifying the body and the evidence is emerging as to its effects on cancer, Spirulina, a natural remedy, is taken by sports folk requiring an energy boost, older folk in need of both mental and physical enhancement, those suffering from malnutrition, anaemia and everyone in need of fortifying. Our Spirulina helps combat mental or physical fatigue and is the first Spirulina to be given the prestigious USP Certification. This very strict US regulation ensures that the ingredients that go into the production process of our Organic Spirulina have the same top quality in every tablet that leaves the plant.

Spirulina was given to the children affected by radiation in the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The results, well documented, show that 48% of those children treated were cancer free. Over 20 years ago someone know the benefits of a natural "home cure". We should take note. 

**The United Nations World Food Conference in 1974 lauded spirulina as the 'best food for the future'. 

A large number of people take Spirulina to maintain weight as it can reduce intake at the same time as maintaining both mental and physical activity. We at Home Cures have found it ideal when mentally or physically flagging.

 Spirulina helps prevent heart damage caused by some chemotherapy treatments, without interfering with its antitumor activity. Spirulina reduces the severity of strokes and improves recovery of movement after a stroke; it reverses age-related declines in memory and learning; and prevents and treats hay fever. We recommend the long term use of both Spirulina and Curcumin, with which there are now signs of compatibility.

Spirulina has been found to increase weight gain anemia in both HIV-infected and HIV-negative undernourished children because of its excellent nutritional quality. 

A study in 2005 found that spirulina protects against hay fever. A more recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 2008 concerning 150 allergic rhinitis patients found that Spirulina platensis significantly reduced the secretion of pro-inflammatory interleukin-4 by 32%, and the patients experienced symptomatic relief. Furthermore, in tests, Spirulina was found to reduce the inflammation involved in arthritis in geriatric patients by stimulating the secretion of interleukin-2, which helps in regulating the inflammatory response.

There are no additives, sterates, gluten, wheat or allergenic substances in our Spirulina. It is the pure and simple Spirulina you need for your body. 

200 tablets.

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS  available on request.

Keywords: cures, Depression Counselling, lose weight