magnetic therapy

By: Changing Lives  30/08/2010
Keywords: pain, sports injuries, complementary therapies

We offer people unique treatment on various aches and pains or other conditions using our exclusive knowledge of using a special form of magnetic treatment. We even offer people a free sample treatment at our shop in St Ives Cornwall, although that is only to show what results we can achieve. Here are some of the conditions we have demonstrated on: Aches & pains, Arthritis, Back pain, Carpal tunnel, Crohn's disease, Cramp, Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Golfer's elbow, Gout, Headaches, I.B.S., Knee pain, Low energy, Lupus, Neck pain, M.E., Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsosn's disease, Policeman's heel, Polymyalgia, Poor circulation, Prolapsed discs, R.S.I., Sciatica, Spondylitits, Spondylosis, Tennis elbow, and many more. Why not give us a call or visist our web site: .

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