Paul Keilbart BSc. D.O. Osteopath

By: P.A. Keilbart  29/08/2015
Keywords: sports massage, Massage therapist, pain management

Osteopathy treatment can help with many conditions, some are listed here: Disc problems Sciatica Osteoarthritis Frozen shoulder Sports injury Tennis elbow Golfers elbow Pulled muscles Tendon strain Tendinitis Ligament strains Joint sprains Bursitis Tendinopathy Tendinitis Wrist strains Tenosynovitis Hand forearm muscle strains Neck ache Psoas strains Hamstring strains Groin strain Chondromalacia patellae Osgood-Schlatter’s disease Quadriceps strain Foot strains Plantar Achilles tendinopathy Calf muscle strains Grinding teeth and tight fascial muscles Headaches Trapped nerves Tight diaphragm General aches and pains Carpal tunnel

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