Rock Bolting and Soil Nailing

Rock Bolting and Soil Nailing from Aquasource SW Ltd

By: Aquasource SW Ltd  08/06/2010

Aquasource SW Ltd can supply and install a complete range of   Soil Nails, Rock Bolts and Rock Anchors for the temporary or permanent stabilisation of slopes and rock faces.

Rock bolts and Rock anchors are  post tensioned ,usually steel, tendons installed and secured into rock. The anchor force is transmitted to the rock by either cement grout, resin or mechanical means. They can be installed in oversized drill holes at any inclination though resin is usually the preferred choice for upwards looking anchors.

Soil Nails are installed in soils or loose rock, and transfer force into the surrounding groundmass  by means of a grouted tendon, rope or bar. Mechanical anchors are also available which do not require grouting and are suitable for a wide range of formation types.