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Closed Panel Solutions from Frame UK

By: Frame UK  22/01/2014
Keywords: renewable energies, Breather Membrane, Timber Frame Panels

Our panel systems offer a range of configurations to suit various 'u' values and air tightness requirements. Air tightness is a key factor and our closed panel system, where insulation and vapour control barriers are pre-fitted in the factory, can achieve high levels. Renewable energies, such as heat pumps, solar, PV, etc, can also be utilized to work in conjunction with our super insulated frames. After consulting with our partnering clients, we developed a closed panel method of construction. Made from either 90mm, 140mm or 235mm CLS, these are structural engineered panels forming the inside load bearing leaf of the cavity wall. During the manufacturing process the Timber Frame Closed panel system is made from treated softwood timber framing over which a structural sheet material of either 9mm WBP Ply or OSB board known as sheathing is fixed with a vapour permeable but waterproof membrane fixed to the outside. The appropriate insulation quilt and vapour barrier is fitted during the manufacturing process in an ideal dry environment, the panel is then clad on the internal leaf with a structural sheet material being 9mm WBP Ply and OSB board, a 25mm x 50mm service batten is applied to the internal sheathing providing a service void for the M&E Services. The advantage is an airtight structure with on site work reduced to a minimum.

Keywords: Breather Membrane, cladding battens, closed wall panels, fully insulated wall panels, renewable energies, Timber Frame Panels,

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FrameProtect™ Enhanced Fire Resistance During Construction. • reduces ignitability, fire propagation and spread of flame • reduces generated heat significantly - test results show in excess of 70 times reduction • improves structural performance during & after incidents •can minimise the cost of subsequent remedial action through reducing damage and allowing fires to be extinguished • may reduce the cost of insurance premiums • can reduce separating distances by at least 50% Call 01

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Roof Cassettes from Frame UK: Engineered timber frame roof cassettes are manufactured using posi-joists to meet customer requirements, and are particularly suitable for weather dependant sites - with poor weather history or winter working. They can reduce site construction times and improve levels of site safety. The decking material is subject to the requirements of the final floor - OSB boarding, plywood or chipboard can all be specified. Chain of Custody certification can be requested.

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Feature Trusses form Frame UK: All roofs contain an array of timber trusses to create shape and support the completed structure, traditionally these are hidden from view, but if exposed, the roof space will provide a total different aspect to the internal building design. Feature trusses can be manufactured in a variety of timbers and finishes in a wide range of styles creating an open and spacious feeling to any room and can be designed to suit the architectural character of the property.

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Roof trusses from Frame UK can be designed to suit most applications. Our range includes raised tie and attic trusses along with standard Fink trusses, both mono and duo. Often, when planning a building, it is difficult to predict final accommodation needs, and as such the inclusion of attic trusses can create an additional option to any future extensions. The use of feature trusses within a design can add another dimension to rooms, giving a variety on ceiling planes and shadows lines.

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Infill panels from Frame UK : Cost effective Exceptional thermal/acoustic performance Sustainable building method with less embodied energy Excellent airtightness Speedy erection & greatly reduced on-site programmes Factory controlled building method leading to more on site quality Improved on site safety Virtually no on-site waste Eliminates or reduces centres of perimeter columns Timber frame dead load significantly less than a masonry panel Reduces overall raf

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Fully closed panel units featuring fitted windows and doors - fully rendered at Frame UK's state-of-the-art factory - assuring our customers of the best quality available. Frame UK's closed panel system has a U-Value as low as 0.12, combined with outstanding airtight properties. A leader in Modern Methods of Construction, speed of production has enabled Frame UK to deliver more than 5000 closed panel units to date, incorporating factory-fitted windows and installation of fully cut roofs.

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Open Panel Solutions

Open Panel Timber Frame from Frame UK is made from either 90mm, 140mm or 235mm CLS - the panels are delievered open - windows and doors are fixed on site and, once the building is weather tight and the electrical and plumbing carcassing has been completed, the insulation is installed between the studs before a vapour proof barrier is tacked up followed by the internal lining with plasterboard. For full details please call Neil Stevens (Frame UK Operations Director) on 01209 310560