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By: Isell Ltd (  26/08/2009
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 Premium quality Aleppo Gold Olive OIl and Laurel Soap Extra Large bar with 15% Laurel
Aleppo is home to some of the finest Olive Oil Soap producers in Syria.
These wonderful soaps are still made using ancient techniques, with no animal fats or nasty chemicals and only 100% natural ingredients.
The traditional soap blocks are hand cut & stamped,  then aged to form a deep golden crust with an olive green centre.
How is Aleppo Soap made?
In a skilled process, olive oil is converted to soap (saponified) and then bay leaf extract is added and the product is spread out to solidify before being cut by hand into rectangular bars and individually stamped. The bars are then dried in huge aerated stacks for several months after production and the outer surface of the olive green soap goes a gentle brown through oxidation
1 x Extra large bar of  premium quality Aleppo Gold oilve oil & laurel soap. Hand Cut & Stamped Contains approx 15% Laurel Oil.  
Ave size of bar 230g
100% Natural Ingredients
No added chemicals
Contains NO animal fat,
Suitable for all skin types,
Won't dry out the skin

Keywords: Aleppo soap, olive oil soap

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