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By: Loans For Canada  31/08/2011
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The world-wide recession in recent past has hit the UK economy badly which has turned the financial condition of a common man annoying. The rate of unemployment in the country is shooting up every day and rise in cost of living seems out of control of British government. In these circumstances, people belonging to any class of the society can experience cash crunch at some point of time. Of course, they can turn to some financer or bank etc. for loan but most conventional lending schemes require some steps of process. Generally, it takes a few days or up to a month’s time. But if cash needed today what would be the purpose of loan sanction after a month? Its need would factually be nullified. are introduced to meet immediate needs of users. As appears from the name, the funds are made available to the customers in one hour’s time. These are small and short term loans with high interest rates, and crafted to be availed in case of emergencies only.

The dealing loan amount is small and varies between £100 and £1000 depending upon the applicant’s financial standing. The repayment duration can be adjusted between two to four weeks by a mutual agreement between both the dealing parties. However, loan must be paid off by due date to avoid heavy penalties and other associated late payment charges.

The basic eligibility requisites to avail this loan are: The borrower should be a permanent resident of UK with valid I-card and his age should be above 18 years. He must have an operative bank account in the UK to which his earning is deposited every month. His net income should be above a thousand pound every month and he should have the repayment potential. His employment should be authentic and he should be with the current job for at least 6 months.

This loan is unsecured type and does not require any collateral, co-signer, hypothecation, credit check or verification regarding the purpose of loan for which the borrower is seeking money. Since the lender is taking entire risk on himself, he charges higher interest rate to be compensated for the same.

The loan seeker can execute complete procedure through internet. He can find out a reliable lender through website, examine his offer and fill up application form provided there. He has to fill up a few important entries in the form regarding his personal and employment details, the amount required by him and account number etc. The lender only verifies information submitted by him and if he is satisfied, the money is transferred to his account within an hour’s time.

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Keywords: cash loans

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