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VoIP Telephony from Upstream from VC Warehouse

By: Upstream from VC Warehouse  29/07/2015
Keywords: phone systems, IP telephony, internet phone

Hosted VoIP from Upstream Hosted VoIP is an alternative to a traditional telephony system using an internet connection to initiate calls. As it is hosted, the system is feature rich and cost effective. Upstream hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) runs on existing computer networks and eliminates the requirement for on-site switchboards. Therefore no PBX hardware is owned, maintained or operated by the end user. Instead of on-site hardware, Upstream hosted VoIP works using servers in multiple UK data centres – a virtual switchboard in the cloud – meaning your telephone system no longer has geographic constraints. As a result, personnel can easily work across locations, calls can be transferred between locations, be picked up from any location and all phones within the system work as if they were “in the same location” This functionality means that because the system thinks it is in the same building all calls within the system are free, so calling between offices or to remote workers becomes free.

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