The one-to-one intensive programmes in French

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Description Our intensive programme is ideal for anyone wishing to improve fast and well, whether your motivation is professional or personal. It provides you with 35 hours per week of individual taylor-made courses (extra or less/ hours/days upon request), a comfortable accommodation and active lunch with your teacher. It is, by far, the most popular programme as it is perfectly appropriate for every level (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and for both professional and personal requirements. By choosing this programme you give yourself every opportunity to boost your skills, confidence and fluency and meet your learning expectations or overpass them. The content of the programme is defined before your arrival, based on a completed test. It will be designed to meet your expectations and will take into account your level, the duration of your stay and any special requirements (general French, business French, daily French, …). A constant interaction is implied through different situations. This entire language immersion is taught in French to ensure a deep immersion. Total beginners and beginners should consider this programme and are recommended to attend a 2 or 3-week stay (in one or two sessions in order to reach a solid basic level. Aimed at All levels, from true beginners to advanced levels. Meals Breakfasts are provided. Active lunch with your teacher are organized in some nearby restaurants and are a great opportunity for practicing French in another environment and still with a professional experienced person. Active dinners with your teacher can be arranged but remain optional especially as the programme is already tiring as it is. Accommodation The programme provides a nice, spacious and fully-equipped accommodation where the course takes place. Learn more about your accommodation. Daily time-table 09h30 - 10h45 - Courses 10h45 - 11h00 - Coffee break 11h00 - 12h30 - Courses 12h30 - 14h00 - Active lunch with your teacher 14h00 - 15h30 - Courses 15h30 - 15h45 - Coffee break 15h45 - 17h00 - Courses 19h30 - 21h00 - Active dinner with your teacher (optional) Duration From 1 to 3 weeks per session. A 2 to 3-week programme is recommended for total beginners. Dates From Monday to Friday. Arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday. Contact me to check availabilities. Rates The price includes accommodation and active lunch. Contact us or visit our website.

Keywords: Intensive French course, crash course, one-to-one intensive courses, one-to-one professional French,



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