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EASY PLAN - this is a 1st for customers as it hasn't been done before!!!!. Its quite simple, like every driver knows no matter what type of car you drive, we all have to face a big bill every now and then - no matter what garage you go to - if the car needs the work - it has to be done. Within my time in the industry I have seen how customer's react to when being told that the bill will be over £150, in general this can cause a lot of stress because the customer is either thinking which card do they use, or is there enough on whichever card to use !!. This is a very realistic situation and is by no means anybody's fault - it just happens. With EASY PLAN - any bill that is over £150, the customer will be given the choice of another payment method they can take, here's how it works for an example below:- £300 repair bill for customer's vehicle. 25% deposit paid upon collection of vehicle, - £75 - leaving £225 still remaining then the remainder is quite simply divided up between 3 or 6 monthly payments. 3 months - £75 / month 6 months - £37.50 / month This way can help maintain your vehicle to the required standard by having a reputable garage undertake the work and relieves the stress of paying that bill all in one go!!. Please ask for more details Thank you

Keywords: garage, Land Rover, tyres