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Floating session from Floatrest Center Floatation tanks

By: Floatrest Center Floatation tanks  02/07/2016
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Floating therapy REST or sensory deprivation - many names, one meaning. Body floating on the surface of the liquid in the special capsule Float Rest® . Liquid is only 30 cm deep and contains the medicinal solution of Epsom salt, providing adequate buoyancy. Water and air inside the capsule identical to body temperature, creates a strong impression levitation - a sense of floating in the air. Images, sounds, touch disappeared and you do not feel the force of gravity . Inside, there is a soothing calm, around gently spreads the relaxation music. The body drifting in complete sensory isolation from external stimuli. Each session, according to the unanimous opinion of customers, the experience is absolutely unbelievable. They disappear chronic headaches, spine, joints, muscle tension, high blood pressure, stress, fatigue, depression, malaise and other conditions. After a few minutes of action you feel the positive effects of capsules Float Rest®

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