Hypnosis CD's

By: Release...Peace  12/02/2009
Keywords: stress, hypnotherapy, anxiety

Hypnosis CD's.
Let go of the old programs within your mind that are no longer working! We create CD's to  help change a variety of complaints or conditions.

We create tailor-made a CD's that combine hypnotic, empowering, positive suggestions for a variety of life challenges. The Hypnotherapy Cd's play approximately 30 minutes and can help to release depression, stress, insomnia, fear, anger, lack of confidence, anxiety, headaches, panic attacks. They CD's are designed to also help to strengthen your sense of self - for example by improving relaxation, the ability to cope, self-esteem, memory, or sleep.

 The Cd's can be used first thing in the morning to allow you to focus positively on the day ahead. They can be used last thing at night to help promote sleep and let go of the stresses, worries or niggles of the day.
We discuss your needs and create CD's with the information that you would like as a "new program" within your mind. Contact us for more details.

Keywords: anxiety, depression, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, insomnia, stress