equine bedding CARDBOARD

equine bedding CARDBOARD from equine services

By: equine services  26/07/2010
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Easy to Use, Easy to Transport, Easy to Store

Made from clean uncontaminated corrugated cardboard, cross cut into small pieces and compacted into 20kg bales for convenient transport and storage. Wrapped in strong polythene They can be stored outside.


Ease to use they make skipping and mucking out simplicity itself. The corrugated cardboard provides channels for fluids to flow to the floor allowing absorption from the bottom up – gradually reducing the ammonia levels and leaving the surface dry and odourless. The corrugation also traps warm air resulting in a warm bed.


Best For Healthy Horses

equine services animal bedding is free from seeds, fungal spores, and toxins; and is virtually dust free and therefore reduces the likelihood of infections and secondary infections after surgery. The bedding is ideal for horses with respiratory problems (heaves) or COPD and for you.


Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly

Easy to use and biodegradable our animal bedding provides good insulation thus reducing heating costs. That means savings for your wallet and savings for the environment.


The Most Comfortable and Healthy Bedding

We believe our animal bedding is ideal for your horses and will be best sleep your horse will ever have.  Its dust free and mould free and significantly reduces smells.

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