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By: ts design  16/08/2013
Keywords: market research, Reverse Engineering, patent checks

Discovered a problem which you think you've found a solution for but not sure how to reach it? Have a ground-breaking idea but not sure what to do next? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here at ts design, we’re constantly working with people and businesses that have that brilliant idea to turn it into a reality. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to manage the entire design process through from concept to manufacture, with many successful clients benefiting from our involvement. So where do we begin? Well every project offers different challenges for us to consider and plan our course of action. Typically though there are a number of areas which we spend considerable time researching into which provide us with detailed knowledge of the limitations and opportunities of a project. These activities primarily relate to market research where we seek to understand: the competitors: who else is selling similar products to your concept product in the market. patent check: review existing protection on other products to ensure we do not infringe upon their use of design and/or technological features. reverse engineering: understand how competitors have made their products to educate the design. target market: ensure we understand who the product is being designed for. This list is not exhaustive, with many other areas of research provided based upon the nature and development stage of each project. Whatever the case, we can guarantee that the correct and appropriate research and development investigative work will be carried out based upon building a firm understanding of your requirements.

Keywords: market research, patent checks, product disassembly, Reverse Engineering,

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At ts design, we follow a methodical and iterative method of exploring product ideas through utilising our facilities and skills in-house, taking concepts through to a manufacture-ready state.