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By: equine services  27/07/2010
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The wood pellets we supply are pure spruce, providing a high quality form of premium wood pellet horse bedding. Many people are now turning to pellets for their horse bedding. These pellets are also used for cat litter and other small animal applications.


THE FACTS: Natural 100 % Virgin Wood, FSC Certified all Wood UK Source, Clean & Easy to handle, No Additives, Eco-Friendly & Fully Biodegradable, Less Waste on the Muck Heap, Lower cleaning costs, Easy to use and muck out, Leaves more time to ride, Takes up less storage space, Environmentally Friendly.


Wood pellets absorb urine rapidly. In addition, they can absorb and hold a large volume of urine. This greatly slows down the chemical breakdown of urine into Ammonia by bacteria, thereby greatly reducing both the health issues associated with ammonia and the unpleasant smell of ammonia.

The rapid absorption means that all the urine tends to be absorbed where the horse pees, rather than spreading out and soiling bedding over a large area (a problem which often happens with straw). In addition, pellets tend to coat and dry out feaces, preventing them from soiling a larger area (or sticking to the horse's coat when it lies down). In combination, this means that daily cleaning of a stall requires removal of only a small amount of bedding and some feaces rather than cleaning out all the bedding (which occurs with less absorbent bedding materials such as straw). The associated labour of transporting and storing soiled bedding is accordingly correspondingly reduced, as well as back-filling with clean bedding. Consequently, the labour associated with wood pellet bedding is relatively low and one of its major advantages.

Provided that the wood pellets are lightly sprayed with water to make them soft and fluffy, they provide horses comfortable bedding with no special health hazards

Wood pellets were initially produced as fuel, for heating. However, it was found that they also make good horse bedding, so the wood fuel pellet technology has been used to produce wood pellets for horse bedding. In both cases, the pellets are produced by converting wood into shavings and then compacting the shavings into pellets, with lignin (a component of wood) used to bind the pellets together.

Although the technology is the same, there are some differences between wood pellets for fuel and those for bedding. To begin with, almost any wood is suitable for fuel pellets, whereas bedding pellets are made from softwood (typically white pine) as it is more absorbent than hardwood and less dusty.In addition, horse bedding pellets specifically avoid woods which are toxic to horses, which is not always true of wood pellets produced for fuel.Consequently, when using wood pellets for bedding, one should ensure that the wood pellets are bedding wood pellets and not fuel wood pellets.

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