Cover Letter

By: Pro Cloud  08/11/2010
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A cover letter's purpose is to introduce yourself to the potential employer and it should be brief and outline your skills and achievements and any accomplishments you have made in past work. Your cover letter should be used alongside your CV to outline what you have accomplished in the past, the cover letter should also state why you think you are the best candidate for the job and also what you could offer the company should they hire you.

It should be well written and laid out and just a few paragraphs long, your cover letter could mean the difference between your CV being read and you being considered or invited to attend an interview or not. As such, it's just as important as your CV.
A CV is about you, your experience and skills, a cover letter is about what you can do for the employer. We can write a cover letter for a specific position or provide you with a template which you can alter for multiple distributions.

Includes PDF format, ASCII format, Word format and B&W master copy.

*Typically 2 days to prepare.

Keywords: cloud, cover letter, Cover Letters, Covering Letter