Lime Mortar ( NHL 5 ) Ready to Mix

Lime Mortar ( NHL 5 ) Ready to Mix from Conserv

By: Conserv  11/12/2008
Keywords: BUILDING MATERIALS, Building Restoration, building conservation

Hydraulic lime mortar mixed with NHL 5 Natural Hydraulic Lime. A high strength, fast setting mortar mixfor engineering brick, granite, render and masonry exposed to water or severeconditions.

This NHL 5 Lime Mortar is 100% natural with no performance enhancing additives orplastisers. It contains top quality LincolnshireHydraulic Lime and a selected blend of masonrysands and aggregates.

It isavailable ready to mix in convenient, water proof tubs that are easy to store, transport and handle.All you need to do is add water and mix. The product comes complete with instructions and free technical support from our specialist stone masonry team.

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