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By: KINDLEN  27/05/2011
Keywords: Search Engine Optimization

At KINDLEN we prefer the term Internet marketing to that of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we think it reflects better the services we offer. It also gets away from the tail wagging the dog syndrome. KINDLEN will build a website with high sales or conversations rate for site visitors. Other companies dabble in the black arts of guessing what will give your website higher ranking with Google. KINDLEN’s method is future proof, which means you will suffer less when Google changes the rules overnight.

Is your business realising the potential of the Internet? Does your website create enough quality business leads? Why are visitors to the website shopping but not checking out? Are you having problems attracting traffic to your website? Is the website aligned to your business goals? How do you measure the success of your website?

These issues can be resolved; some quickly and others over time. Even if your website is doing well it is often good practice to develop a Internet marketing strategy (commonly know as search engine optimisation, SEO).

KINDLEN does not promise you number one placing for your chosen keywords on Google. What we promise is an Internet marketing strategy plan that will layout the process and method of increasing targeted visitors to your website.

KINDLEN’s Internet marketing strategy starts by studying your business, and its goals.

KINDLEN will work with you to identify business goals. Analyse the pages on the website. Map goals to web pages. Highlighting goals without web pages.

It is important when a potential visitor is searching for a service or product, that they match a goal of the company, and they are brought to the correct page on your site directly.

Once all business goals map to specific pages on the website then KINDLEN can start working on the external, as well as the internal, method of attracting Internet traffic to your website.

The easiest part of implementing the strategy is optimising the website. Implementing the plan to improve page ranking and other external factors, such as increasing the sites profile with social networking is a long term strategy, taking time and patience.

Keywords: Search Engine Optimization

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